Saturday, October 8, 2011

United Statements Of America.

This map shows the different states of America and the key motto and phrase associated with each state. America is united through the motto 'In god we trust', the belief of unity within the states, American freedom and democracy. This map shows however that America can also be divided in its states, through its culture. Statements are wide in variety. A lot centre on equality, 'equal rights', 'equality before the law' Unity, 'United we stand, divided we fall' Religion, 'God enriches', 'In god we trust' and Independence 'She flies with her own wings'. It shows that common themes exist within the states but although united as a nation they are also divided through what is most important to them. Only 24 of the state mottos are in English, 20 are originally in Latin and the rest are made up of French, Spanish, Italian and Greek. This may be due to influence these countries had on particular areas of America from the 16th century. I thought this map was interesting as it gives us an insight into America's states and the difference it holds, through its people, languages and cultures.

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