Sunday, October 9, 2011

From what was brought up in week 2 about how we view America, the map above seemed quite appropriate, given the faltered shapes and locations. It shows how someone from Japan may illustrate America. If you look to New York, it may not surprise you that they have shown us that New York is apparently on an island. This is an interesting thought, it has always been shown in films and such like, surrounded by water. Goes to show that this has been taken literally. The biggest difference is that there is no Canada and something else which is quite funny is the location of San francisco, as a reminder, look to the map below for comparisons. Comparatively, Alaska is an Island like New york, it has been labelled with Ice Palace. Ice Palace is a 1960 film, taken from the 1958 Novel by Edna Ferber. It is completely fictional. it can clearly show that our class weren't alone to have a skewed perspective of the country.

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