Saturday, October 8, 2011

This map titles 'The United States of Shame' is interesting to me as it pin points which state is worst known for - highlighting its shame. The shame ranges from violence, crime and drug abuse - to not so shameful things such as that of Ohio who's shame is that they are the nerdiest state. However some correlations can be made between The United States of Shame map and the United States of Awesome map which was posted by Hannah, in such as the 'Awesome' map Ohio's most awesome for their highest library usage, and on the 'States of Shame' map Ohio's shame is that it is the nerdiest state, but is this really something Ohio should be shameful about? In addition to this in the 'Awesome' map Arizona is known as the sunniest state which I think has a direct link to Arizona's 'shame' which is Alcoholism.

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