Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crevecoeur and America's Next Top Model

'He is Arrived on a new continent: a modern society offers itself to his contemplation, different from what he had hitherto seen.'

Crevecoeur mentions that 'This country will flourish in it's turn', meaning that it exists as it's own and will form it's own proud existence, more importantly however is the idea that America is new and that 'a modern society' exists today as much as it did then, which brings me to my reference, when we think of new and modern we think of the youth and America's fashion industry certainly demonstrates this, especially given the success.

This is a controversial link which shows supermodel and presenter of the show America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks shouting at a contestant for their bad attitude. The presenter no doubt has diva tendencies which can prove quite comical. The bigger issue however is that this is unlikely to be the kind of response made within other countries in Europe. We can take from this clip, America's attitude to fashion is to work hard and get far. This notion exists within the Letters from an American Farmer, however fashion is exceptionally profound in America and the multi-million dollar industry has made way for some massively successful American designers, detailed in the link below,

Tyra banks demonstrates clearly what America is all about, working hard and being passionate and proud. It is common knowledge that if you want to be a successful actor or model, you go to Hollywood. America is leading the way for film and fashion, the clip demonstrates its serious attitude to stay exceptional, the same point Crevecoeur makes about America in the 1700's.

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