Sunday, October 2, 2011

My positive and negative pictures of America

America has always pushed ‘the American dream’ the belief that contentment can be achieved through ambition and initiative, and its beliefs of strength and patriotism within the nation. I feel this picture sums up America’s main themes perfectly, through the national pride the picture exerts with the patriotic flag and the incredible feat of walking on the moon itself. Also, the fact that America who was in competition with The USSR, managed to win the ‘space race’ and be the first nation to step on the moon makes the achievement even more triumphant. It gives America the desirable image potraying the nation as hardworking and self reliant, and helps us to understand how America has and continues to grow, into the dominant and influential superpower it is today.

Although Facebook is considered a positive factor in our modern lives, I’ve chosen to use it as a negative aspect of America to represent America’s growing culture that can sometimes be overwhelming. Facebook is a social networking site and is one of many of America’s global icons that has taken over the world. Facebook can be thought of to promote a sense of unity and connection between friends, however I also feel it promotes a growing lack of socialisation and perhaps in cases, an unstable sense of identity through the newly created idea of ones new ‘e-dentity’. Facebook is forever changing in order to keep the users attentions, representing the American culture as ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ however I think a materialistic view of the world is created from this, an image not everyone can keep up with.

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