Monday, October 3, 2011

Positive and Negative Pictures of America

An American Icon. The quintessential beacon of every girls dream. The wannabe 'BFF' of every gay man in America? Not quite, this contender for Miss United States was first runner-up in 2009. Kristy Cavinder demonstrated on live TV how a lot of Americans grow up and will obviously continue to grow up opposing same-sex marriage. A Video of her response to same-sex marriage can be found on YouTube and friend of the stars, Perez Hilton was appalled by her response that he swore if she had won, he would have ripped the crown off her head. The response created a lot of controversy however, rightly so, the federal government does not recognise same-sex marriage in the United States, even though it is recognised by some individual states. New York for example became the most recent state to pass laws of same sex marriage, on 24 July 2011. The issue is, although America is forthcoming in Media, Film and Consumerism, the basic concept of human rights can still remain a problem, especially that of equality, seeing as many Americans base their lives on tradition and Christianity. These may been seen by others as values, but for myself this will continue to be a negative image as it suggests America isn't confident enough to move forward with other the values shared by other countries.

Apple has been in the US rich list, second from the top since May last year when it overtook Microsoft. Having visited this exact spot, the innovative impact it has is quite surreal. New York is leading advertising into the future; it is the US prime location for consumerism having almost 20 million residents, as New York is the largest Central Business District of the United States companies will go to any length
to be at the forefront. There's a definite sense of admiration when you visit New York. In my experience, the advertising was my appeal. This image perfectly demonstrates the intuition business' have to stay afloat amid a competitive demographic and thriving state.

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