Sunday, October 30, 2011

De Crevecouer in Today

Cheryl Cole Moving to America
“I think any artist would like to break America. If you break there, you can break anywhere. It's a big, big deal and a lot different to us. I'd like the success of breaking in America”

Talking to Glamour magazine, the pop starlet revealed that the Californian sunshine has made her "feel alive".

De Crevecoeur writes about America being the land of new opportunities a land of promise for those who are willing to work hard ‘search for the subterranean riches it no doubt contains’ ( p16); they will ultimately live a better life than in their previous homeland. Cheryl Cole can be seen as falling into his trap as she decided to up root her successful life in London and move to L.A. The main reason she left was to kick start her singing and popularity career believing that America held that promise. To this day many singers who have once conquered the U.K look to states as their next goal, believing that they will achieve more fame, more money living a better life (Tine Tempah and Adele). Another reason why Cheryl Cole fits in with De Crevecoeur would be because she changed who she was so she would be more appreciated and welcomed by American Society almost becoming American, she had many speech lessons to try and change her Geordie accent.

"I kind of have to change the way I speak. I used to hear British people and think, 'Ugh, why are you saying 'take out the trash'? But I had this thing the other day because I'd said 'quarter past one' and they didn't get it.’’

Looking at the picture Cheryl shows an unbelievable similarity as an American actress, gone is
the sleek hair and mini-dress, in their place is a huge bouffant hairdo and purple flares. Cheryl Cole tried to reinvent herself as something new and improved something the American people would try and accept and like. De Crevecoeur writes that the new people who come and settle
in America will become a new born American, thinking like Americans. ‘An American who leaving behind him all his antient prejudices and manners, receives new ones from the new mode he has embraced…The American is a new man, who acts upon new principles; he must therefore entertain new ideas and form new opinions.’

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