Saturday, November 19, 2011

Websites on Gun Control

Anti-Gun Control

The following link contains some interesting arguments from one individual. It claims that the second amendment is dated and doesn't apply to today. It also argues that British crime rate has gone down since the gun ban. However, it is not as official as some other sites and a lot is to be questioned about the validity of the sources. One of the points made though, involving the phrase 'Guns don't kill people, people do', the websites says, why then doesn't the government send soldiers to war without guns. There is a long list of 30 reasons to oppose gun control, overall though in comparison, the website seems too subjective.

Pro-Gun Control

This website is much more of an accurate argument, it's facts are clearer and well set out. The website looks at both sides of the argument but it was so well arranged, I considered it worth mentioning. The pro points are well argued, one of them says that criminals are much less likely to attack their victim if they believe they are in possession of a fire arm. Something quite interesting is that the website mentioned since the presidency of Barack Obama, who is known to be anti-gun control, according to the previous year Ohio saw a 67% increase in gun permits. The website argues that people were worried he would change legislation and sort of impulse purchased more guns.

In all honesty I can see both reasons why gun control should and shouldn't be legislated, however from the examples given, the website showing both arguments, but particularly Pro- gun control, seemed to be well argued. There are some fantastic cases and pdf's worth looking at in the second site and it stand better on it's own. I genuinely believe from the websites that gun ownership in America is mostly nothing more than a response to compensate for the safety, which citizens feel the government do not provide.

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