Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun

Anti-Gun Control:

Armed Females of America is a site and organization that encourages the rights of guns for everyone.

"AS ARMED FEMALES, our mission is to proudly represent all patriotic, strong, intelligent people..."

They believe in the right to 'keep and bear arms' and that it's a 'god-given right' for them to do so, and therefore cannot be 'legislated'. They do not believe that IDs should be needed for buying Guns, nor should you register once owning a gun, as that destroys 'our rights as free Americans'. Despite what message this might send and bring to mind (my first thought was; are they crazy?), The women believe that Gun-Control in America is an embarrassment, and a 'colossial' failure. They want to prove there are 'well-educated, thinking' women out there who need a gun to protect their families.

The site itself holds a little information about how you can get involved, and about their mission. The site is in the patriotic red, white and blue, and holds gun-edited classic feminist pictures [such as the one below] and images of pink guns to get across their message and encourage females.

On another interesting note, the site links to "Tea Party Patriots" [you can make of that what you will].

Pro-Gun Control

I was surprised by how few sites were Pro-Gun Control... There was lots of articles or news clips but hardly any solely dedicated websites! I came across 2!

The Brady Campaign site is also red, white and blue, but looks far more polished, like a Presidential Campaign site than the Anti-Gun control site. Their mission statement is for stricter laws on guns, and to raise more of an awareness 'through grass-roots activism'. The campaign was started after James Brady was left permanently disabled - and almost dead - after an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. (James Brady was his former assistant and White House Press Secretary).

The site is very factual, features lots of videos and holds links for those wishing to get involved. The site honestly reminded me of Michelle Bachman's site in many ways... with the patriotic colours, videos, layout, links and connection to social networking sites like facebook.

Comparing the Two...

I think I prefer the latter!

The Anti-Gun Control site looking amateurish, messy and the text was hypocritical. The latter was clear, slightly more modern, and more factual in it's approach to encouraging people, I found this was important as the first seemed to rely on the reader already holding Anti-Gun Control feelings instead of telling them facts and trying to persuade the reader.

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