Monday, November 21, 2011

For and Against Gun Control

Pro-Gun Control:
The American Gun Culture Report is a magazine who are "dedicated to expanding gun culture beyond it's stereotypical social confines". In order to do this the AGCR post articles in their magazine and on their website to break down the barriers which prevent their wider acceptance of firearm ownership.
I thought this was a good website as although it looks slightly agressive, it isnt't trying to push or scare people into running out and buying a gun. This is primarily because the AGCR are more about informing and educating people on gaining a healthier attitude into respecting the reasons behind why people own guns - providing honest views on other political subjects focusing around gun ownership. "AGCR doenst suggest everyone should go out and buy a gun, but only that this journal may help in making better educated choices, whether you decide to live your life armed or unarmed. In addition to this this webiste is differnt to alot of the other pro-gun websites as it doesn't mainly focus on only the 2nd ammendment to the Bill of Rights but the whole of it.
Anti-Gun Control:
Stop Handgun Violence is a non-profit organisation who are commited to preventing gun violence through education, public awareness, effective law enforcement and common sense gun laws. This website is alot better layed out than the last as straight aware you can see and tell who the organisation are and what they are trying to achieve.
This organisation uses more of the shock factor and gun violence facts rather than personal opinions to gain peoples attention. (eg. - the flashing texts on the main page of the website which are mostly about how many peope lare killed by guns everyday).
Compared to the pro-gun website I liked this one more as it's facts can shock you into the actual realisation of what guns can do on an every day basis. I also preferred this website as it even mentiona that "we are not calling for restrictions to our Constitutional Rights, but just common sense legislation that will help save lives".

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