Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Tea Party

The website I have chosen is quite interesting, factual and different as it is an actual video from the Tea Party explaining their core beliefs. It explains who they are, why people should support them and tries to defend itself against anti media prints. What’s interesting about the website logo is that it clearly states ‘America Rising’ suggesting that whoever has created this page views the Tea Party as a political organisation that can bring America to great fortune and heights. This is reinforced in the introduction where it reads ‘Bill Whittle explains… what exactly us open-mouth breathing, knuckle-draggin’ moos actually believe…’
From looking at the first video the Tea Parties main belief is small government and free enterprise however, when looking at the video Whittle seems to be almost condemning the government and how it works and almost misguiding people.

The Tea Party believes, that a small government that has checks and balances to prevent a small number of people having too much power is a successful government and the video persuades watchers to believe this when comparing it to a soviet or communist government. Whittle lists example of poor governed countries that have failed to change real human nature, introduce communism and socialism as having been unsuccessful, for example the Russian Rev. Britain in the 60s-70s, the French Rev, Cuban communism and many more. This persuades watchers to believe and support the Tea Party but this view is biased as he doesn’t list countries that have
been successful in other political ideologies.

Also Whittle suggests that in reality human nature can’t change as people will always be motivated by self interest nevertheless, this is a generalization as not everyone acts like this as more people can be seen as becoming publicly involved and less self indulgent. This leads on to the Tea Party second core belief, free enterprise. Once again when making his point Whittle assumes the government projects and services as being useless, a disappointment and generally a pain in people lives. Instead he ‘glams up’ private business as being ‘faster, friendlier and having better services’ as it can be seen as being a ‘miracle.’ This assumption is misleading as what’s to say you won’t get a good customer service in post office and a poor service with FedEx. Also The Tea party paints the government as being controlling as they suggest the government can ‘take your many at gun point’ whilst private business is the way forward and better for
everyday people.

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