Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gun Posts

Pro-Gun Control

It was really hard trying to find a website that was dedicated towards gun control but I did manage to find one.

This was one of the best websites I found as it was quite interesting as the website kind of convinces you to buy a gun. It does this by listing all these questions and you have a multiple choice answers but the one you pick or choose are the ones that make owing a gun sound more appealing. For example: Given a choice, I would prefer to defend myself with...

· my bare hands
· an ineffective weapon, such as pepper spray
· an effective weapon, such as a firearm
Of course most people if not everyone would pick option 3. This website is very simple as anyone would be able to answer the questions and it plays on people’s emotions to protest themselves, families and love ones. The site doesn’t list any clear facts about owning a gun but outlines all the negative things that could happen if you didn’t have a gun. Another interesting positive thing about this website as it doesn't confront you with the 2 Amendment and doesn't talk about the Constitution, something very different form all the other Pro- Gun control websites.

Anti-Gun Control
This video was made by International action network on small arms

This video starts out really interesting as it’s a bullet being fired at all these random food and drink objects, when the bullet makes contact with the object they make all these different and exciting shapes. This could represent the beginning time when someone buys a gun, its new very
powerful can destroy anything and you want to try it out. The objects being shot at are weak and have no chance of surviving their original shape. However, the tone of the video starts to change when the next object is a child. The watcher then realises that a gun is not a toy and that it can have serious consequences. The end of the video reminds me of horror school shootings; where
innocent school children die because someone managed to easily obtain a gun and takes out their frustration on school mates and teachers.

Comparing the Websites…

At first the Pro Gun control website made me realise that owing a gun might not be that bad however, watching the video made me see sense and that ultimately owing a gun is dangerous and has the potential to kill innocent victims. It then made me think that the Pro Gun control website doesn’t take into consideration of when gun usage has gone terribly wrong. Even though many people when first owning a gun wouldn’t think of hurting innocent people and they would still remain a peaceful person. However, you are more likely to kill or injure your own family member than a criminal.

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