Sunday, December 4, 2011

Not So Old Spice

The Link will take you to an advert for 'Old Spice'. Old Spice began in 1937 with it's first product called, Early American Old Spice.

The brand is now aimed directly at women for men, dominated by shaving soap and aftershave lotion. What's interesting is that the advert has applied to the changing statistics, that women make the majority population. It has found a way of attracting women to encourage men to purchase the product. What's resonant in the advert is that it is in keeping with American ideology. Giving a direct example to what women expect from men in society; handfuls of
diamonds and owning a horse and boat. What it shows is not only that your man should be like
this, but what every man should be like and it gives an example of what constitutes an attractive lifestyle from a woman's expectation.

Comparatively the kind of advert shown in the 30's is as below...

The interesting thing about the ideology shift is, as mentioned, this advert now attracts the females market. Arguably the 1930's advert above does the same thing, however the emerging 'consumer culture' has introduced a link to lifestyles even when the advertising for this company first began. Again we see links to success in American culture, men with important roles in society use this aftershave and everyone should want to be successful. There is a constant notion throughout the American lifestyle that success by sense of virtue is manifested in all area's, whether it be The Bill of Rights, Horatio Alger Myth or in the above example, not so Old Spice.

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