Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Great Gatsby -Society and Class

The Great Gatsby is set among wealthy, educated people, who have lots of leisure time and little
concern about people who are not in their social milieu. Nobody’s concerned about politics or spiritual matters but everybody cares about how they are perceived socially. Those who do come from other classes seek and envy the glamour and lifestyle that they see in the elite. Jay Gatsby, the protagonist, is able to attain a certain amount of wealth, but he cannot fake education or social behaviors that only come with "old money." The novel’s two main locales, West Egg and East Egg, are distinguished also by class. East Egg represents "old money" while West Egg represents the nouveau riche. East Eggers consistently look down on West Eggers for precisely this fact. Class and wealth are virtually indistinguishable from each other, but if a person lacks education, then he is clearly not part of the upper echelon.
These different worlds can almost be seen in the reality- drama series 'Made in Chelsea' and 'T.O.W.I.E'. Made In Chelsea is meant to represent East Egg (old money) whilst Jersey Shore would be West Egg (new money)
Made In Chelsea
The Made in Chelsea cast are meant to represent the privileged, rich, glamorous cast. Some of the characters have gone to private school, spend most of their lives livivng in Chelsea and Kensington where most have shopped in Sloane Street. Others are portayed as living off their 'parents money' as some parents and ancestors invented the Jaffa Cake, Digestive and Rich Tea
biscuits but also created Topshop.
Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore is a hit MTV reality show that premiered in the summer of 2009. The show follows the lives of eight Italian ''guidos'' and ''guidettes'' as they drink and party. There fake tan ways have lead them to be a phenom that many people spend their weeks watching. This has lead the once average Joes to now start thier own empires revolving around cosmetics, star in talk shows and DJ in the most exotic parts of the world. Not only are they making money off people watching them but they are now considered to be celebrities as they are 'paparazzi-ed' every where they go and each have thousands of followers on twitter.