Sunday, December 4, 2011

iPod Touch Ad - "Share the Fun"

The advert's title tells yous straight away that the ad is going to convey the notions of friendship, sharing, diversity and fun. You can tell the advert is modern by all the effects used, to pass the iPod and connect the people onscreen. Apple is a fairly modern company, and despite being founded in 1976-77, has gained really gained increased popularity in the last ten years - since the invention of the iPod. Since gaining popularity the company feels the constant need to update it's self and follow the technological demands of the world that we live in. This is shown by the fact the iPod now has a touch screen and more of the interesting apps shown in the advert.

To appeal to wide audiences, the Advert shows the American need for diversity - in both the apps shown and the people modelling the device. Firstly, music isn't actually shown on the iPod until the end of the advert. Before we see it's main use, we see new games, the camera, some form of I-Messaging, social networking apps and other functional uses the iPod now contains that can connect you not only your friends but the rest of the world. This also shown in the advert at around 18 seconds in - when the girl starts off by herself on screen, and is then joined by four friends; all of whom are connected to her via the iPod.

The advert also shows diversity by the models/commercial actors featured. Not all are white Americans; there are some African-Americans, Asian-American, and Hispanic. This is partly to show and connect with the world wide audience that Apple has, and the sense of equality that America likes to think it has and portray in it's media.

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