Monday, December 12, 2011

Jay Gatsby and rappers such as Jay Z and P.Diddy

Comparisons can be drawn between Jay Gatsby and that of rappers like Jay Z and P.Diddy. Jay Gatsby would throw lavish Jazz age parties and live an extravagant lifestyle, leading everyone to become curious over who he is, what hes done, how he makes his money and what ladies he has in his life. these curiosities are then spurred on further by the fact that he is hardly ever around or hardly ever even makes an appearance at his own parties.

This is much like that of modern day rappers such as Jay Z and P.Diddy who splash out thousands of dollars on throwing massive parties which they sometimes don't ever make appearances, like that of Gatsby. In addition to this like Gatsby, Jay Z and P.Diddy have earned some of their money through doing dodgy deals and shifty illegal occupations.

Another comparison which can be drawn between Gatsby, Jay Z and P.Diddy is all the rumors and speculations which surround them - with Gatsby it is because no one ever sees or talks to him and so don't take the time to find out the truth about who he is or how he has made his money. With Jay Z and P.Diddy its with the press who make up stories and make up relationships about them and other celebrities causing a rift in the celebrity network, who then print these stories in their magazines and papers - spreading the rumors.